“Dr. Bowersox and his team were great. They diagnosed me with a condition called Visual Midline Shift syndrome that is common in TBI, Lyme disease and MS. I had a Lyme infection and my vision had never been the same. Over the past 6 months they prescribed prism glasses to help my brain recover it’s sense of midline. My brain is recovering well. The team there is laid back and fun, but also professional and very knowledgable. That’s a combo you don’t often find. I would highly recommend them if you’re having neurological vision issues. My daughter is currently doing vision therapy for issues with reading as well.” –Bryce R

“I have spent a long time trying to figure out what was wrong with me, was it temporary or was it permanent, was there any hope?
I had a brain injury in 2015, and inhave had numerous doctors give me a TBI diagnosis. It wasnt until I went to Dr.Bowersox that I was actually offered therapy.
Whether the therapy works or not, the fact that Dr. Bowersox cared and understood what I was going through, made all the difference.
I may never be back to who I was before my eye is permanently impaired and my brain/vision receptors are defiently impaired, but someone who reaches out and offers HELP, makes all the difference.

I recall when my son was very young, Dr. Bowersox did a vision check for his sports physicals and mentioned “well, he will need glasses before he drives”….and he was right.

So my review is based on both factual and emotional testimony. And I fully recommend his service to anyone seeking help.” –Jennifer O.

I was referred to Dr. Bowersox after suffering a head injury. He and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Bowersox has a true passion for his work. It was worth the drive to Shelbyville for my first appointment and I am excited to know they have a newly opened location in Jtown. Highly recommend!” –Teri R.

“Dr Bowersox and his team are amazing! He never rushes the appointment. He always takes the time to answer all of my questions and wants to make sure I have a complete understanding of the plan of action we are taking to help me with my brain injury from a bicycle accident. He was recommended to me separately by Frazier Rehab Traumatic Brain Unit and also Dr. McNulty from Louisville Eye Center.
Always wear a bike helmet!! It saved my life.” –Ann R.

“Dr Bowersox and his staff are incredible! They will go the extra mile to be sure that you have everything you need to fully succeed in your recovery. We saw him for vision issues resulted from a Tramatic Brain Injury and they were on point with helping us and giving us the tools we need to help my husband recover fully. Thank you Bowersox Vision Center for putting us on the right path!” – Stephanie H.