Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease is extremely common and all of our doctors are up to date with current treatment strategies. We can evaluate for this at your annual exam, or if it is especially irritating, at any other time, just call for an appointment.

Our doctors have done a lot of research and have chosen Nordic Naturals supplements to be able to provide to our patients. These supplements include an Omega3 Fish Oil, which has been proven to help dry eye symptoms. To save you a trip, you can actually order these through us on our online portal here to save you a trip: https://us.fullscript.com/welcome/bvc

Digital Eyestrain

Digital eyestrain includes problems/symptoms associated with extensive use of computers/electronics causing headaches or tired eyes. Treatment includes low-powered progressive-style lenses (called EyeZen), blue-light blocking lenses, or low powered prescriptions that may not be necessary day to day but help with computer strain. Bring this up during your visit with our doctor.

Sometimes the symptoms of digital eyestrain are associated with dry eye disease (see above).