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Routine or Medical Appointment
Exams for glasses, contacts, diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, pink eye, and other eye conditions.
Vision Therapy Appointment
Is reading a struggle for your child? Do you notice they skip lines or get tired after reading. We offer vision therapy.
Neuro-Rehab Appointment
Experienced a head injury from a concussion, stroke or other condition? We can help with poor balance and reading difficulties.

Vision Therapy Research

Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial

"After 12 weeks of treatment, nearly 75% of children who were given the office-based vision therapy along with at home reinforcement achieved normal vision or had significantly fewer symptoms of Convergence Insufficiency.  Only 43% of patients who completed home-based therapy alone showed similar results, as did 33 percent of patients who used home-based pencil push-ups plus computer therapy and 35% of patients given a placebo office-based therapy." (National Eye Institute)

A Summary of Research for Reading and Learning

Vision Therapy Research Summary #1

Vision Therapy Research Summary #2

Vision Therapy Research Summary #3

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